Missing Todt family found dead, father in custody.


The Todt family was last heard from via text messages on 1/6/20.

Tony and Megan are husband and wife and have 3 young children.

Tony is a physical therapist based out of Colchester, Connecticut.

The family lives in Celebration, Florida.

A neighbor said they saw the family drive away in their car on 12/15/19 with a packed car. The extended family is worried and said the authorities in Connecticut and Florida are involved.

Tony’s license in FL expired in 2007, license in CT expired on 9/20/19. Patients seen up to thanksgiving.

The family was allegedly being evicted.

The children were being home-schooled BUT they still had teachers – like a co-op schooling situation.

Family knows where the cars are, one is believed to be at Bradley airport.

The dog is also missing.

Tony’s office had cancelled all their appointments after Dec due to “personal reasons,” and there is speculation that his practice is being investigated for Medicaid/Medicare fraud.

Their phones and social media have not been active, phones seem to be off.

There was very little mainstream media coverage of their disappearance.

Tony’s facebook- https://www.facebook.com/tony.todt.3
Megan’s facebook- https://www.facebook.com/megan.todt

The facebook page-https://www.facebook.com/FamilyPTCT/
The main website is currently down, but screenshots below.

No photo description available.
Info about Tony’s financial and legal troubles

The below screenshots show information that emerged about their disappearance and we added them to this blog in real time:

MSM get wind of the case
The family stated LE was involved but this is a quote from the NHregister.

January 13 incident in North Village

Currently the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation in North Village and as a result, certain roadways and amenities may be inaccessible. Residents are asked, if possible, to avoid the area around Reserve Place and around the North Village volleyball courts and accompanying area.

The sheriff’s office has indicated that their investigation is centered on an isolated incident and that there is no additional threats to the community.

The association will continue to cooperate fully with the authorities regarding this matter. We encourage all residents to please respect the privacy of those affected by this incident and the emergency personnel who are investigating. Those in the community seeking additional information should monitor local media outlets or contact the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

Police presser.
Local rumors proved correct

CELEBRATION, Fla. — Four people are dead in a home in the Disney-developed town of Celebration and one man is in custody, confirmed the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

While deputies confirmed the four people dead and a person is in custody on Tuesday morning to Spectrum News 13, not much more has been released regarding the death investigation at 202 Reserve Place.

During a news conference on Monday, Sheriff Russ Gibson said that deputies were called out to the home at about 9 a.m. that morning.

Gibson said it is an isolated incident, and “all parties involved in this investigation are accounted for.” He offered no other details.

Authorities have no released any names, but Spectrum News was able to gather information about the home.

Court records show that in late December, the owner of the home filed an eviction notice against the man and woman who live there. 

Property records also link the address where the death investigation is taking place to a condominium building at a nearby location, where a forensics unit and another Sheriff’s Office unit were working. Investigators have not said if or how that location is involved.


A source who knows the family gave us the following information-
January 8, 2020 – The family received a text from Tony’s phone. Someone in a Sarasota Starbucks apparently messaged to say they had found his phone.
The family texted Tony on Christmas Day asking for photos of the kids opening their presents. He told them the family were sleeping.

Could a “body” captured by live news could be the wife, Megan? It is rumored the children were found in a vehicle and we wonder if carbon monoxide is involved?

Breezy, the family dog, has now been confirmed to have died too.

Authorities have remained tight-lipped about the case. This is the only official statement made so far:

A neighbor and friend has said they visited the house in the days before the bodies were found. She sent messages to our page.

I was at the door yesterday. Knocked. Walked all around the house. There was a window open upstairs. It’s a HUGE house. I didn’t smell anything but the house FELT weird. I immediately got a headache and felt sick to stomach. Which sounds dramatic but it’s true. It didn’t smell it was weird. You could almost HEAR the weird.

And just when you think the Todt family murder case couldn’t get any stranger…

We are getting word that in 1980, Robert Todt (Tony Todt’s father) paid a man $800 to kill his wife Loretta Todt. The man entered their home and shot her in the head. Miraculously she survived and apparently still has the bullet in her head to this day. We are working to verify this story and have heard from a family friend that it is true.

The friend reached out and told TCS that Tony and his sister were in the house when their mother was shot.

Image may contain: 1 person

Image may contain: text

You can read more about the murder plot of Loretta here.

LIVE PRESSER 01/15/2020-
 The police were there to serve a federal warrant. A safety sweep uncovered the bodies.

He’s admitted to all the murders, and is cooperating.

Occurred toward the end of December.

They still have not identified the bodies but feel very strongly that they are that of those family members.

They did receive a wellness check request on Dec 29 from the Todt family because they were told they had the flu.

 Deputies were dispatched and looked around but did not find anything suspicious (Dec 29th) , blinds shut, no smell.

Spoke to neighbours, reported nothing suspicious.

Appealing to the public to think before they do something like this, and thanking the LE officers.

Thanking the media for their help and respect in this case, and for understanding that they need to preserve

Did not go back after the 29th because they didn’t find anything suspicious, and the call they received was that they were concerned the entire family had the flu.

Wellbeing check – nobody answered the door. Deputy walked perimeter and spoke to neighbors.

 Has not revealed why he did this but is cooperating.

Doesn’t know if there is any remorse, has only been told that he is cooperating.

Federal agency was lead on this, and requested local to assist on warrant.

No prior interaction with LE that he knows of.

He may have ingested a dosage of benadryl and threatened suicide.

Released from hospital this morning.

He told the officers he took pills (possibly benadryl) – they did not witness

This family was known to travel. The reporters keep asking why they didn’t do more searching.

Anthony is still talking to detectives in violent crimes unit and will be transported shortly.

He admitted to killing the dog as well.


Link to facebook live video-https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2534930720110858&id=101274695752&_rdr

They were high school sweethearts


ANTHONY Todt paid $278,908.51 to settle a lawsuit filed against his physical therapy practice just days before police believe he murdered his wife, three children and the family’s dog.

The Sun has obtained court documents showing that Anthony satisfied the judgement on December 23, just days before he and his family were evicted from their Florida rental home.The victims’ decaying bodies were found on Monday when officers accompanied federal agents to the home so they could serve Anthony with an arrest warrant.

It was also revealed on Wednesday that Megan Todt, 42, and her three children – Alex, (13) Tyler (11) and Zoe (4) – may have been dead back on December 29 when police previously did a welfare check at the request of a family member.

Anthony and his company Performance Edge Sports LLC were hit with three lawsuits in the past year according to court records.

He settled the first just days before the alleged murders, but had not settled two others.

In all three cases, he had accepted investor funding for his business and then defaulted on his payments.

In addition to the $278,908.51 judgement, he also owed $63,525.82 and $36,200.79 in two other cases.

It is unclear why Anthony decided to pay off the largest judgement but not the $5132.05 in rent to avoid being evicted from the family’s Florida home.

Police believe that the deceased had likely been dead since late December, but could not confirm that until the medical examiner had finished performing autopsies on all four bodies. The family had been evicted from their rental home after being one-month delinquent with their rent but remained in the home, despite owning another home that was just 500 feet away.

Anthony split his time between Florida and Connecticut, where he had a physical therapy practice.

He had fallen on hard times how ever, and Anthony’s license to practice had expired last year according to records obtained by The Sun.

The Todt family had been evicted from their property two days after Christmas.

Facebook messages had been posted by Anthony’s sister the past two weeks hoping for any word on their brother or his family.

“I know a lot of people will have questions but we honestly do not have answers right now. Please let us know if you have seen or heard from Tony Todt or Megan Todt,” wrote his sister Kellie last week.”Please share this as I know a lot of people in Colchester know my brother.”

She posted again later that day, writing: “This is a sensitive matter for our family so please don’t ask questions, as we don’t have a lot of answers at this point. Thank you everyone for your help and shares. Keep our family in your prayers. I last heard from Tony Todt on Monday January 6th.”

It was also an out-of-state friend or relative who called authorities and ordered that December 29 wellness check on the family.


People keep asking about Megan’s family so here is some information one of our members researched-
“Info on Megan’s Parents/Family-
Came across the obituary for Megan’s paternal grandfather and fell down the rabbit hole. I was able to uncover info on her parents. Both sides of her family are from the same area in New London County, CT and go back to the 1800s I think. A lot are still there.

Paternal Grandfather (Peter Gula), who passed away March 2016: https://www.dignitymemorial.com/…/peter-gula-6840776

Her Father, Albert Gula, passed away November of 2002. I was able to find the existence of an obituary (Norwich Bulletin, p. 11/25/2002) but cannot locate the actual obituary. This is his find a grave entry: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/190475580/albert-j_-gula

Her Mother, Gail (Kopko) Gula, is still alive. I haven’t found corroborating evidence but I did read in another group that her mother was a nurse at one point. Her parents were married August 1974 but I don’t know if they were divorced or separated. (Megan was not involved in her life )
Gail Gula on MyLife.com: https://www.mylife.com/gail-gula/gail323

I think I may have found Megan’s living grandfather (Gail’s father) but I haven’t been able to successfully link them.”

Someone has added Megan and the children to Find a Grave BUT please be aware anyone can add or edit to Find a Grave and have to give NO PROOF of their information so it is NOT RELIABLE. I am only including as it has been mentioned in the group. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/206230601/megan-denise-todt

Interesting article-

Tony Todt’s confessed actions in the killing of his wife, three young children, and the family dog make him an unusual perpetrator in the annals of family killers, three forensic experts said in interviews Friday. Missing was the more usual trail of protective orders, overt signs of marital distress and the “if-I-can’t-have-you-no-one-else-will” rage husbands and boyfriends have expressed in other domestic-violence slayings, remarked Dr. Harold I. Schwartz, psychiatrist-in-chief emeritus at Hartford Health Care.

Other factors that make the allegations against Todt unusual is that he didn’t kill himself after slaying his family and, with his clean criminal history, surface charm and social skills, he didn’t fit the profile of someone with a chronic lack of impulse control and a capacity for extreme violence, said Prof. Michele Galietta, a forensic psychologist at John Jay College of Criminal Jutice in New York City. Todt appeared to have traits that are frequently seen in white-collar criminals, Galietta said.

Todt was drowning financially, owed 20 high-interest, short-term lenders, was being chased in court for tens of thousands of dollars by a commercial landlord and two small business funders, and had acknowledged committing major Medicaid fraud in his physical-therapy practice, according to business records and a federal affidavit. But the Medicaid scheme hadn’t broken before the homicides and he told federal agents pursuing the Medicaid case that his wife Megan didn’t know about the lenders, creditors and landlords who were looking for their pounds of flesh, according to the federal affidavit.

“No, only me,” Todt said when the agents asked if Megan knew, according to the federal affidavit outlining a Medicaid scheme so blatant — he once billed for treating 16 children over 36 hours in a single day, on a Saturday when his office was closed — that it’s hard to imagine he sustained it for as long as he did. He admitted to the agents that he was “living above his means.”

Megan Todt lived in Celebration, Florida, near Disney World, with the children, who were home-schooled. Todt stayed in Colchester during the week days, trying to keep aloft a therapy practice that was heading for an inescapable crash.
His Connecticut therapist license had expired in September and he failed to renew it. So it wasn’t an event that could easily be known by others, such as a real estate investor who loses it all in a market crash, or someone indicted for embezzlement, that had preceded the slayings

“It does approach having a secret life,” said Mary Ellen O’Toole, who was one of the most experienced FBI criminal profilers before retiring to teach on an internal lecture circuit in 2009. And Galietta said she would want to know how controlling Todt may have been over his family, even from afar. And then there are the sins of his father — a parallel story that raises further questions about the motivation for Tony Todt’s crimes, said Schwartz, O’Toole, and Galietta. The Courant reported Friday that Todt’s father tried to have his mother killed 40 years ago, but the young student his father engaged for the hit succeeded only in wounding his mother. Tony Todt, who was 4, witnessed at least part of the attack, and lived through a trial and his father’s imprisonment.
During all those years, his father continued to deny that he had any role whatsoever in the crime. And It took his mother years to come around to believing that his father was, in fact, guilty. The parallels invite speculation, Schwartz said.

[Related] Todt family murders in Florida reverberate in Colchester, where friends, neighbors and clients try to square the horrific crime with the family they knew »

“The father never admitted any responsibility, and the mother for years had supported him,” said Schwartz. “Maybe out of a need to make it right, and, thinking from a psychotic perspective, the son commits a similar crime, sets himself up to be caught, and then confesses,” said Schwartz. “You would want to look at the patterns of behavior of the father and son,” said O’Toole.

“Psychopathy can have a genetic link,” said O’Toole. His father had traits that are consistent with psychopathy,” said Galietta. “You would want to know if Tony Todt was a family man.” O’Toole said it will be important to learn how Tony Todt allegedly killed his family, his method and means, and the weapon used.

“Were there indications of prior attempts, had he written down these thoughts in his computer, how long did he plan it? What was his strategy? How the family died becomes very important in terms of his psychology,” said O’Toole. “He left the bodies in the house and he stayed in the house — what he says to detectives about that will also be important to know.” Did Tony Todt try to kill himself and then chicken out? Galietta said she would want to know.


The Todt children were enrolled in The Dreamers School, homeschooling co-op type situation ran by several former teachers. It seems Megan was very active within the schools facebook community. This doesn’t have a great deal to do with the case but I think it’s nice to have something showing her and this children before this nightmare. Apparently (and this is a rumour) the school community is around $10,000 a year per kid.

This blog will be updated as we learn more, please see the True Crime Society facebook group for latest updates-


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