Jason Landry- Missing from Luling, Texas

Houston native Jason Landry (21) is missing from just outside of Luling, Texas. He was driving home, in his Nissan Altima, to Missouri City from the school’s campus in San Marcos for Christmas break.

It appears that he crashed his car, on a dirt road 30 miles from the college, into two trees and left the scene on December 13, 2020

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A family friend posted-

At 2 a.m. on Monday a state trooper called Jason’s family to tell them they found the car, but no sign of the college student. His phone was inside the smashed car. Some clothes belonging to Landry were found scattered outside 900 feet south of the crash site.

Police found evidence of blood (inside and outside of the vehicle) and narcotics and his wallet, in a backpack, but would not say what type or amount. The black backpack was 100 feet south of the crash.

A few days after Landry disappeared, Texas Department of Public Safety’s Sgt Deon Cockrell said: “Right now we have no indication of any foul play at all, we don’t know if maybe somebody picked him up or if he just wandered to an area where we haven’t searched or found yet.”

Texas EquuSearch sent crews out to the rural area of central Texas where Jason’s car was found to assist in the search. For 9 days searchers utilized multiple resources, including a helicopter with infrared cameras, drones, side-scan sonar, scent dogs, as well as searchers on foot, ATVs and horseback. Online rumors say that Jason’s scent was tracked to an abandoned house in the area, but this has not been confirmed.

They announced on December 22, 2020 that the area had been searched as thoroughly as it could be by their volunteers and could not continue without new leads from law enforcement.

His father Kent commenting on their continuing searches-

“The search coordinators thought it best if trained searchers looked for him,” It limited the people that could throw off the scent of Jason’s trail. The trained searchers had GPS tracking so they could be certain what areas were searched … They used a drone to do 3D mapping of the area recently. That allows them to search for areas of interest on the computer, then go to that location to check it out. They plan to do another drone search soon.”

Kent commented on the Southminister Presbyterian Church’s Facebook page.

They drained the pond but no sign of Jason was found.

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