Katelyn Taylor murdered her grandparents in their own home

Eugene McDaniel (82) and Celeste McDaniel (67) were found dead inside their home in Camden, Tennessee after police officers conducted a welfare check at 8am, 23th March 2020. Their granddaughter, Katelyn Taylor (28), was later […]


Thomas Valva – Abuse and System Failure leads to Murder.

Social media- Michael– https://www.facebook.com/michael.gerard.9883Angela– https://www.facebook.com/angela.pollina.5Justyna’s– https://www.facebook.com/justina.valva.3Justyna’s Twitter, where she documented the abuse: https://twitter.com/JustZub(legally name is spelt Justyna but it seems in her day to day life she uses Justina, so it will change throughout but it is […]