Leila Cavett is missing after her son was found wandering the streets alone

On Sunday July 26, 2020, police in Miramar, Florida were alerted to a young child that was wandering the streets alone.

Lori Rodriguez‚ who helped search for the boy’s parents, told Local 10 that a neighbor had seen the child wandering and had been asking around to see if anyone knew anything about him.

“We walked around and looked to see if anyone was nearby. None of us have ever seen the baby before,” she said.

The little boy wasn’t wearing shoes or socks and he needed his diaper changed.

At 8:22 p.m., Miramar police sent out a status update: “We are very concerned considering we are approaching 12 hours since the child was located.”

This case started gaining traction on social media. People began posting that the child’s mother is Leila Cavett.

You can see Leila’s Facebook here.

Leila posted this photo of herself and the child in February this year.

Member’s of Leila’s family started posting on social media. They said her child’s name is Kamdyn:

Even though Kamdyn was found in Florida, the Walker County Sheriff in Alabama have issued a plea, asking for information:

There have been some unusual social media posts from Leila’s family and friends:

A man named Levi was originally suggested online to be Kamdyn’s father. He has come forward and said that he was dating Leila after she had Kamdyn, and he is not the father and has not seen them for over a year.

Leila’s family have no idea what she was doing in Miramar, or even why she was in Florida. Leila and Kamdyn live in Georgia:

Miramar Police have just released a new statement about the case, saying they are concerned for Leila’s safety:

Group members found a FB marketplace post from Leila, where she was selling a car. Her location was listed as Dawsonville, GA.

Image may contain: 1 person, car, text that says "X ? serious inquiries ONLY PM FOR PICTURES $2,900 Listed over a week ago in Dawsonville, GA Send seller a message Hi Leila, is this still available? Send Message Save Share More Seller Information See Profile"

If she did reside in Dawsonville, it’s a VERY long way from there to Miramar. What is going on?

A man named Dannylee West has come forward and said that he is Kamdyn’s birth father:

Image may contain: text that says "Dannylee West |am the blood father please someone contact 10m Like Reply Toye Anderson Brownlee Dannylee West call Miramar police department Like Reply Dannylee West Toye Anderson Brownlee did 4m Like Reply"

Dannylee has stated that he spoke to Leila on Friday 24 July in the morning:

Dannylee posted some photos of him and Kamdyn:

The family tree for this one is confusing. Dannylee is Kamdyn’s biological father but he is not named on the birth certificate. Levi Arnold was dating Leila when she was pregnant, and he is named on Kamdyn’s birth certificate. We believe Kamdyn also took his last name and – Kamdyn Arnold.

Miramar Police have released images of the car that Leila may have been driving:

No photo description available.

Image may contain: car and outdoor

A strange text that Leila sent to a friend recently has also been made public:

As of July 28, Leila is still missing. Dannylee has said that she was in Georgia as of 24 July.

Leila’s sisters held a media briefing on July 28:

The woman that found Kamdyn gave this information:

“I asked him where is your mommy and he kind of just pointed everywhere. I reached out my hand for him. He grabbed my hand and I just walked around the complex hoping that I would find someone looking for him.”

Family members told CBS4 they have attempted to contact Cavett on her cell phone, but after several rings, no one picks up. The woman’s grandmother was the final person to have any communication with her through a Facebook message on July 26, according to family members. They said Cavett had no plans to come to Florida.

A True Crime Society member put together this timeline:

Thursday 7/23. 12:34pm. Dannylee sent money to Leila at Dawsonville, GA Wal-Mart

Friday 7/24 Dannylee talks to Leila and he said she was in GA at the time.

Saturday 7/25 A friend claims she talked to Leila

Sunday 7/26. around 8:30am someone finds Kamdyn wandering in Miramar, FL.

Around 11am Dannylee is messaging Leila asking to see Kamdyn. No responses from Leila or answering of his calls around 6pm. Messages show unread.

Per interview with sisters on 7/28 grandma claims to have received a thumbs up from Leila through FB messenger on 7/26

A group member spotted an interesting thing on one of Leila’s posts. She had dating sites open in her browser:

The tabs were for WhatsYourPrice.com and Mate1.com.

This info comes from WhatsYourPrice.com:

Our mission: Make dating more rewarding for everyone.

WhatsYourPrice makes dating simple and more rewarding for everyone. With our first date incentive, our members discover high-quality, frequent first dates.

We have changed the “dating game”

WhatsYourPrice levels the playing field for men and makes dating more rewarding for women. All it takes is a little generosity. Instead of wasting time messaging, like on other dating websites, WhatsYourPrice is straight to the point and gets you on your date. Our unique system increases men’s chances with women and can turn any response to a “yes”.

Our dating system

Launched in April 2010, WhatsYourPrice has created a better dating experience for over 3 million men and women. Not only is it the easiest way to date, it is also the safest.

Could Leila have met someone in Florida from one of these sites?

The Miami Herald are reporting that Leila had drug issues in the past:

Alabama court records show that Leila was arrested in Walker County on Sept. 16, 2019, on a charge of having a controlled substance and marijuana. It was not clear whether the case has been settled.

According to the Daily Mountain Eagle, the Jasper daily newspaper, Leila received two traffic tickets in October. The paper reported that Leila skipped a February court date and her license was suspended in March.

A family member filed a report with the office claiming that Leila had been using crack cocaine in a residential home, and had “thrown a can of soda at her and yelled at her,” a report said.

On July 29, the police in Hollywood, Florida announced that they would be taking over the case. They said Leila was last seen in Hollywood. They also confirmed that her vehicle had been found in the Hollywood area.

Hollywood is not far from Miramar:

Interview with Leila’s father and grandfather. Her father states he spoke with a man Wednesday (7/30) who invited her to Florida for the weekend.


Hollywood Police Department also asked for the public’s assistance in locating Leila.

You can see Leila’s car being towed after it was recovered:

On August 3, police announced that they had made contact with Leila but that they had not located her yet. Does this mean she willingly left her son????

You can see the Dawson County News article here:

Leila’s sister and also the attorney for Leila’s family have said that Leila has not made contact:

The Dawson County News has since retracted their information:

Image may contain: 2 people, food

A man named Shannon Ryan has come out and said he was the last person seen with Leila. I hope I am getting this right as this case has really blown up and gone off on an unexpected tangent!

Shannon released a 51 minute long video about his involvement in the case:

Nikki did this amazing summary of the video in case you don’t have a spare hour to waste:

Leila’s brother has been commenting on Shannon’s social media rants:

Shannon also posted information and photos of the FBI searching his vehicle:

The Attorney handling Leila’s case released this statement:

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