11 year old Gannon Stauch missing from Colorado Springs

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Gannon Stauch, 11, is missing from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was reportedly last seen by friends at school on Friday Jan 24th. His stepmom, Tecia Stauch, claims that she took him and his younger sister on a hike in an undisclosed location Sunday afternoon. She then claims that she allowed him to stay home sick from school on Monday Jan 27th. At 3:15 he allegedly left to go to an unknown friends house without his cell phone but never arrived home. It has now been revealed via a neighbors surveillance footage that she left with him at about 10:15am and returned home without him at about 2:30pm.

Here is what we know:

⚠️ Dad allegedly texted a neighbor at 8:43pm on Jan 27th to see if he was at their house before he was reported missing.

⚠️ He was originally listed as a runaway because before he left, someone searched on his phone “Can my parents find me if my phone is off?” but didn’t take his phone with him. He is currently listed as an endangered missing person due to a lack of daily medication.

⚠️ Gannon’s sister is 8 years old and is biologically related. Tecia has a 17 year old biological daughter that is not related to Gannon or his family.

⚠️ Father is Al Stauch, he is national guard and was in Oklahoma. Mother is Landen, she lives out of state with her husband and young daughter, however her and her husband are separated. Gannon and his sister was living with Al and Tecia because Landen was hospitalized for a high risk pregnancy.

⚠️ Tecia claims he was home with her and 8 year old sister and that she was working out in the basement with headphones on when he left.

⚠️ He was last seen by members that were not his family, at Grand Mountain School on Friday.

⚠️ On Sunday, he went hiking with step-mom and sister. The details where they went hiking have not been released, and step mom has not said yet.

⚠️ On Monday, step-mom states that he stayed home from school sick. Between 3-4 p.m., he asked to go to a friend’s house. The step-mom states that this is the last time that he was seen. Neighbors on the street have the ring door bell camera, on both sides. (Quite a few people in our neighborhood do.) He was not captured on one single video. She was in the basement working out with headphones on when he left.

There are reports of crime tech currently at the home and *unconfirmed* reports of blood found in the home.

UPDATES: All unconfirmed rumors will be addressed in the Gannon Stauch screenshot collection.

1/30: Police are still listing him as endangered and missing per a press conference. He is listed as endangered because he has medicine that he is required to take daily and he does not have it with him.

Watch the press conference here

1/31: Stepmom Tecia does live interview here.

2/3: CSI and media are back at the home for unknown reasons. A neighbor has discovered new evidence  in the case via his own surveillance footage, however it is unclear what the footage shows. Police have asked the news to not show or discuss the footage for now.



2/4: ABC30 is reporting that the video showed Leticia and Gannon getting into her car at around 10:15am Monday morning. She then returns alone 4 hours later. Allegedly the neighbor showed Gannon’s father and he broke down in tears saying “She lied. She lied about the time. He didn’t go to a friends house.”

Watch the video footage here

2/5: Gannon’s mother, father, and sister issue a statement to Gannon. Watch their video here.

2/6: Law Enforcement are currently diving in bodies of water near Lorson Ranch, CO to look for Gannon.

Reports are coming out that Tecia was at Petco twice during the time frame caught on neighbors surveillance camera – once at 11am where she purchased 3 dog jackets and once again at 1pm.


28 thoughts on “11 year old Gannon Stauch missing from Colorado Springs

  1. How awful. This reminds me of Kyron Horman. I hope Gannon’s case doesn’t go cold like Kyron’s did. I have a bad feeling about the stepmother…

    • I immediately thought of Kyron when I read about this case on Tuesday. The story seemed so wrong. They were characterizing poor little Gannon as a runaway. 😢 I have 11year old boys and the stepmother’s story is not believable. I pray I am wrong. So heartbreaking.

  2. Anyone could have made that search on his phone.Classing this child a runaway due to that is completely wrong.I hope he turns up safe and well

    • They probably know he didn’t run away. It’s just the official story while they finish gathering evidence against Mrs. You Know Who… Totally unconcerned for Gannon because she already knows what she did. All she can focus on is people owing her apologies and her name being exonerated. RIP, little fella. Sorry your dad trusted this harpy.

  3. The stepmother has a prior history of falsifying information and of exhibiting crazy behavior. Her Linkedin account lists flawed job history information. Her license to teach was actually suspended in South Carolina (search Leticia Stauch South Carolina on google ). She made unfounded harassment allegations once she was in trouble for her crazy behavior there. Besides all the other red flags evident with her in this case (last one to see him, alone with him all weekend-father out of state, saying he ran away when everyone else says that is not like him, he didn’t take his cell phone, show up at his friends house or go to school Monday) She was responsible for his disappearance one way or another…

  4. Stepmom is a liar.


    She was fired in Dec 2019 from Widefield, CO school district after 1 semester, so how can she have worked at district 49 for over 1 year???

    Here’s a couple of other firings that are not on her linkedin profile, resume or applications:


    https://www.bcswan.net/cms/lib/NC01811134/Centricity/domain/193/2018/BOE Packet 11.07.18.pdf

  5. kind of doesn’t add up, And why wouldn’t step mom disclose where they were hiking the day before??? unless there is something to hide js

  6. Stepmom is a liar.


    She was fired in Dec 2019 from Widefield, CO school district after 1 semester, so how can she have worked at district 49 for over 1 year???

    Here’s a couple of other recent firings that are not on her linkedin profile, resume or applications:

    2016 – State Board of Education Orders of Disciplinary Action – South Carolina Department of Education – 1/31/20 1:29 AM

    https://www.bcswan.net/cms/lib/NC01811134/Centricity/domain/193/2018/BOE Packet 11.07.18.pdf

  7. Nice work on the article, the time frame and making notes that neither of the doorbell cams caught Gannon The night he disappeared…. hope your previous tips of dump and duffle bag. don’t come true. I still believe that hay of some sort will pan out in this,story.

  8. This case reminds me so much of the Dylan Redwine case in bayfield Colorado. So very sad. At least his dad is in jail for his murder though however still sad.

  9. I’ve had a weird feeling about the stepmother since the beginning.
    After I saw the interview that she made with a tv news station where she wouldn’t show her face, and she did nothing but complain about how the police “mistreated” her and violated her rights, and this child is still missing, I pretty much KNEW that she was involved in his disappearance.
    Sometimes, I think that past cases can make us jaded when it comes to who may be responsible, because we see way too many times where it was a step parent.
    It’s hard to believe that anyone would harm a child, let alone someone who is supposed to love and protect them above all else. 😪

  10. I am very interested in this case because I am a local in Colorado and I too have a young Son.

    For the last 5 days I have been watching every video on this case that I possibly can. I’ve driven out to the search area North of Palmer Lake twice now and spent a few hours searching in the proximity of the organized search area. Hard not to get emotionally involved in this case.

    Seems like everyone on you tube has the same theory: That the Step Mom took Gannon away from the family home on Monday, January 27th between 10:13 and 2:19 and left with Gannon and returned without him. Most people believe that the Step Mom injured Gannon on Sunday evening and took him away to dispose of him as he was dying of internal injuries. Theories continue with her stashing a cell phone to avoid being tracked at Petco and returning 2 hours later to retrieve it. Seems like you tube has no problem allowing comments and videos that fit this narrative. I wonder if all these people commenting are just parroting the same likely story?

    Anyway, as I research this case I have come up with an alternative theory. I started to think about this Step Mom’s behavior during these last 3 weeks. To me it seems unlikely that this woman had killed Gannon. She seems more concerned about her social status, her husband apologizing, and being absolved of any wrong doing. She seems very confident that Gannon is alive and well.

    So I got motivated last night and started posting a comment on a bunch of videos that had a different theory. Then something very strange happened. My google account was suspended. All of my comments that I have ever posted on you tube are gone. I have posted comments on all kinds of videos for years and years on all kinds of videos and this has never happened. No real explanation from google just gone.

    Here is the comment I posted:

    I have a theory: What if the Step Mom had Gannon kidnapped during that 4 hour window from 1000 to 2 PM Monday in some kind of sick attempt to save her marriage? Perhaps in her crazy mind it was a way to re-connect with her husband during a stressful time? You know, candle light vigils, crocodile tears and re-kindled love. You got to remember the psycho that we are dealing with here. Then of course, the neighbors security video messed up her nutjob plan. So it backfired on her and now she is trying to figure out what to do to in damage control mode.

    Maybe Gannon is being held somewhere by an accomplice until they figure out what to do next. The Step Mom sure seems to want an apology from the Dad. She also seems almost too confident that Gannon is fine and will be found. Think about it. NOTHING that this Step Mom has done so far makes any sense at all. Hard to apply logic when you are dealing with a Fugly, sociopathic train wreck that defies logic and reason at every turn. She does not seem to be acting at all like a person on the verge of being arrested for premeditated murder. It almost seems like this whole thing is a game to her. One giant reality TV show. If she was able to get him kidnapped without Gannon or anyone likely to rat her out knowing that she was involved, then maybe in her mind she’s in the clear. Just waiting for the right time to let Gannon “escape”. If Gannon is being cared for, fed and is in good health somewhere in a safe house, that might explain her calm demeanor. Maybe she needs enough time to pass by so that Gannon will forget the time and place that he was “kidnapped” so her story of him disappearing between 4:15 to 5:15 will pan out.

    A lot is riding on that neighbor’s security video right now. Seems like that put a big wrinkle in her plan. Then, after the planned “escape”, everyone would owe the step mom an apology for ever doubting her story. She would be vindicated. Heck, she might even go on TV, get interviews, set up donation websites of sympathy and even get rich selling book rights. Meanwhile those that have “betrayed” her suffer beyond imagination. If she does get arrested, the kidnapper simply puts the “escape” of the kidnapped Gannon into motion (likely already planned) and she gets off. No need to worry she thinks she’s got it all planned out. At this point would such a sick and twisted plan really surprise anyone? She gets her 15 minutes of fame, gets vindicated, gets that apology, maybe gets rich and makes those that she hates suffer. Remember Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Thoughts? What do you think?

    I don’t understand why google / you tube would suspend my account for that comment. I’ve seen much worse comments with lots of profanity. I’ve made worse comments myself on very sensitive conspiracy theory videos and nothing ever happened.

    What if this whole thing is one giant psyop? Kind of like Sandy Hook? A controlled narrative with crisis actors, fake news and loads of nonsense. Even I doubt that but who knows? I find it strange that almost every comment on you tube is very similar. Most people are heart broken that this boy is dead already but there is nothing to support that idea yet. The Step Mom character is just too nutty to believe. Even the birth parents are a bit suspect. They are pretty convincing, but I didn’t see any real tears.

    Law enforcement is very quiet. All focus is on a 35 acre area North of Palmer Lake. No public volunteers are allowed to help. The whole thing stinks. Why spend 7 days on a 35 acre area with 100 official searchers? No reports at all of what they are finding…nothing. I talked with one of the official searchers and he seemed very stand offish. He knew nothing and told me “we just do what they tell us”.

    I am at a loss as to why my comments were erased. Seems silly. I wish some you tuber would make a video proposing my alternative theory and help the public to see a potential different reason for this whole event.

    Seems to me that a whole lot of folks are suffering at the thought of Gannon Stauch being murdered when that may not be the case at all.

    As most people know, you tube used to be much more open. All kinds of videos and comments were allowed. But within the last couple of years they have changed. If a video goes against the narrative it gets removed. That alone speaks volumes. I did a you tube search on “Gannon Stauch kidnapped” or “Gannon Stauch Abducted” and could not find even a single one. Not even one!

    Thank you,


  11. Dang Bobby Jones that’s some theory! Now you got me thinking. The Police have released an official statement that they have ruled out Gannon being abducted. How can they do that? How do they know for sure that he was not abducted? And at the same time, Gannon is missing now for about 3 weeks. Where is Gannon? Why are they digging around in a small area 40 miles North of his home? Why haven’t they arrested the Step Mom? They discount her version of an abduction yet she is still free. No arrests. I think it’s sketchy as F that they are not allowing the Public to search for Gannon Stauch. What is going on here? There is more than meets the eye!

  12. Wow Psyop eh? Could be. I mean hell, I wouldn’t put it past the corrupt so called “government”. Pretty sure 9/11 was one giant lie. Same for Sandy Hook, the Whole Aurora Batman shooting hoax, etc. etc. What would be the reason to lie about a missing boy local story? Hard to imagine why something like this would be a total hoax. Qui Bono? (Who benefits?) Fear? Intrusion upon parental rights? The whole idea of so called control of the State in our lives is concerning.
    This story is all over the world now. People from all countries know about Gannon Stauch. How could that be? I mean it’s just po dunk little Fountain, Colorado right? People go missing all the time. So far there is no proof of Murder, abduction, foul play…..nothing. Yet this local yokel story is mega mainstream. Kind of strange the traction this story gets. I agree the cast of characters is pretty odd. The Step Mother is like some kind of made up boogey woman creation. Like who acts that way. Seriously. And I don’t think I saw any tears from the real parents either.

    Hard to say what’s really going on here. Hoax? Could be. Maybe a distraction? Sandy Hook was obviously about gun control as was the Aurora Bat man hoax. But what about this story? Makes you wonder.

  13. The whole kidnapping angle seems plausible to me. That Step monster leaves with Gannon on Monday morning and apparently returns alone according to the neighbors surveillance video. Something like a 4 hour window to do something to that boy. There are reports at the Petco that she was looking outside towards the parking lot the whole time and acting nervous and strange. What if she set up a kidnapping in the parking lot?

    That would explain how she seems pretty sure that Gannon is fine and will be found. She sure seems weird but maybe not a murderer. I would think that she would be freaked out beyond belief if she killed that kid and the cops were digging around and closing in. It does seem like a big game to her. Way too confident for someone getting ready to get the chair for murder.

    This whole thing makes no sense. Three weeks, no information from the keystone cops and meanwhile an 11 year old boy is missing. This is not how these things are supposed to be.

    What is the motive for kidnapping by the Step Monster? Money? Go fund me sites? Check, already set up. Attention? She sure seems like an attention sponge. Revenge on the husband? I heard they were getting a divorce. Maybe some sick attempt to save the marriage by bonding together during this stressful time?

    Maybe she didn’t think about surveillance cameras and her plan is now in jeopardy. I would think if that was the case she would have copped to it already since her plan is falling apart. With every day spent searching, it just gets worse for her. Maybe she is hoping to get away with it. If Gannon is still alive she may escape serious legal trouble. .

  14. I like this kidnapping theory. Makes a lot of sense to me. I was really on board that this poor child was murdered. But now I’m leaning towards kidnapping by the SM. It just fits the circumstances of this case much better. And I want to think of the sweet child alive!

  15. Has there been a reward offered? If not, why not? That would be a great idea. If the SM is involved surely one of her accomplices or even just someone with knowledge would sing like a canary for the right price. Or if he was abducted, same thing. Money talks! Hope for Gannon.

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