True Crime Society Podcast – Episode One

  1. The Baxter Family Murders

On February 19, 2020, Rowan Baxter did the unthinkable.

He poured petrol over his estranged wife Hannah, and their three young children as they sat in their vehicle, a white Kia SUV. He then set the car and its occupants alight. Witnesses saw him stab himself in the chest with a knife.

The children and Rowan died at the scene. Hannah died later that day in hospital.

Read more – The most heinous crime of all – the murder of Hannah Baxter and her three children

2) The abduction and murder of Faye Swetlik

Faye Swetlik got off the school bus after a day at first grade on Monday February 10, 2020 in Cayce, SC and vanished off the face of the earth.

The FBI and over 250 Law Enforcement officials started searching for Faye straight away.

Faye’s lifeless body was discovered on February 13. At the same time that she was found, Coty Scott Taylor (30) killed himself.

On February 18, police released more information. Coty killed Faye before taking his own life.

Read more here – Missing child Faye Swetlik has been found deceased

3) The sad death of baby Evelyn Boswell

Evelyn Boswell was 15 months old when she was last seen in either November or December 2019. Her family FINALLY reported her missing in February 2020.

This is a twisted tale with many players. Evelyn’s mother and grandmother were arrested on different charges.

March 6, 2020 bought a sad update. Evelyn’s body was found. Her mother Megan still remains in jail on charges relating to her disappearance. Evelyn’s autopsy results have been sealed.

Read more at – Evelyn Boswell (1) has been found deceased. Her mother has been arrested and her family did not report her missing for TWO months

4) Where is Gannon Stauch?

Gannon Stauch (11) went missing from his Colorado Springs, CO home on January 24. He was reportedly last seen by friends at school on that day. His stepmom, Tecia (Tee) Stauch, claims that she took him and his younger sister on a hike in an undisclosed location Sunday afternoon. She then claims that she allowed him to stay home sick from school on Monday Jan 27th. At 3:15 he allegedly left to go to an unknown friends house without his cell phone but never arrived home. It has now been revealed via a neighbors surveillance footage that she left with him at about 10:15am and returned home without him at about 2:30pm.

On March 2, 2020, Tecia was arrested in relation to Gannon’s disappearance and suspected death. She has been charged with:

  • Murder in the 1st degree of a child under 12 while occupying a position of trust
  • Child abuse resulting in death
  • Tampering with a deceased body
  • Tampering with physical evidence

Read more at – 11 year old Gannon Stauch missing from Colorado Springs – Stepmom arrested for his murder

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