Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney – Fast Facts

Main points:
Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney went missing from Birmingham, AL since about 8:30ish on October 12th. Stallworth and Brown are expected to be served warrants for capital murder and kidnapping. Her remains were identified on 10/23. She died from asphyxiation on October 12th.


Patrick D Stallworth and Derick Irisha Brown

Facts after remains found:

  • Officers located Kamille’s remains inside of a dumpster inside a landfill
  • all of the garbage was collected from one area that their suspect frequented, then was brought to the landfill to sift through.
  • Patrick Stallworth and Derick Irisha Brown are the two murder suspects. Both are in custody with Capital Murder and Kidnapping charges.
  • Allegedly no connection between the two and Kamille’s family


Facts from the search:

  • Missing from random birthday party at the Tom Brown Village public housing community
  •  Kamille was wearing a pink t-shirt with a Minnie Mouse/leopard print design and leopard print shorts. She had in yellow, white and blue hair bows. Her shoes were found in the parking lot so police believe she is barefoot.
  • Toyota Sequoia found and taken by police
  • Parents are April Thomas and Dominic McKinney
  • Dad wasn’t around when she went missing
  • No indications on if she has left the area or if she was ever in the Toyota Sequoia.
  •  Search party was organized at Center Point on 10/14 and didn’t produce anything.
  •  Search has expanded to surrounding states
  • $25k reward from multiple agencies and a private citizen
  • BPD searched an apartment complex in the Jefferson Avenue Projects based on a tip received this morning and despite multiple reports that she was found, the Sheriffs office confirmed that Kamille is STILL MISSING.
  • Suspects that were arrested are Patrick Stallworth and Quentesa Jackson – Patrick was let out on bail.
  • Quentesa Jackson is also known to be Derick Irisha Brown, a woman charged with kidnapping her own three children at gunpoint in 2018. She has been arrested for probation violation and has had her bail revoked.
  • Patrick Stallworth has been arrested for 4 counts of child pornography and 3 counts of child pornography with intent to distribute. All evidence was found on his phone. He has been detained with a $500k total bond.
  • Detectives believe there is still another person involved
  • Two men seen on video with two children in the housing unit. Looking for first male that walks by as a person of interest, not a suspect. They believe they know who the second man is, he is a suspect.
  • There is a 37 min difference between time stamp on video and when it actually occurred. The video shows two children playing at the Tom Brown Village. One of the children is believed to be Kamille.
  • Grid search on Sunday 10/20 of area frequented by persons of interest – found nothing
  • Police believe there was not a lot of planning in this kidnapping

Toyota Sequoia that was named in her abduction 


  • Dominic and his girlfriend were allegedly seen on 10/16 putting Kamille in the back seat of a car with a sheet on her? Apparently police know this info.
  • Mom was nowhere to be found/at a baseball game, Kamille was with her young cousin or brother
  • White woman and black man are sought for allegedly selling candy bars to kids
  • Suspects seen at McDonald’s switching Kamille into a white Lexus
  • The person who called the tip in about the two suspects allegedly saw Kamille earlier that day.
  • Birthday party host/attendees say Kamille was peeing in the yard and she returned her to her house only to see her back outside “5 min later,” claims to not know Kamille or her family
  • Apparently the family knew what happened but can’t comment?
  • People seem to believe that the man who abducted Kamille (Patrick Stallworth) is her biological father?
  • Toddler jacket found during search at Parkway Villa apartments in Center Point
  • Drugs are allegedly a factor? Mom or dad were asking for money saved up for ransom? Dominic owed $50k to a drug dealer?

Key Players:
Dominic McKinney : father
April Thomas : mother
Amaree: 11 year old brother
Carlos Chaverst Jr: Activist that pretty much knows nothing but pretends he knows everything
Paulisha Hale: Dad’s girlfriend
Jas Mine : April’s cousin
Jazmyne Smith: Dominic’s sister
Quentesa Jackson/Derick Irisha Brown: arrested
Patrick Stallworth: arrested, out on bail, arrested again


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