Into thin air – where is Tyler Davis?

Tyler Davis (29) and his wife Brittany were looking forward to a night away in the city to celebrate Brittany’s birthday. The young couple rarely got the opportunity to spend time alone without their young son – they tried to schedule it three times a year on their anniversary and each of their birthdays.Image result for tyler davis missing

They had decided this time to travel 90 minutes from their home in
Wilmington, Ohio into Columbus, Ohio and had made reservations at the Hilton Columbus at Easton. Brittany had never been to Columbus. The hotel they chose was very close to a large indoor and outdoor shopping and entertainment complex.Image result for hilton easton columbus ohio

They left their son, who was 20 months old at the time. with Tyler’s family.
They continued on into Columbus and checked into the hotel at around 5pm. Schon Hughes, friend of Tyler’s, joined the couple and they went to a few bars and looked around the area. At 3am, they decided to go back to the hotel. And then Tyler started acting strangely.

It is helpful to look at an overview of the entire night before diving into
Tyler’s disappearance. Kiersten from Sleuth Coop put together this comprehensive rundown of events:

 Saturday- February 23, 2019 (pre-disappearance)

3:30am -Tyler gets off work

4:00am -Tyler arrives home from his job at Wendy’s (he lives thirty minutes from his workplace).

5.00am -Tyler and Brittany go to bed.

12:00pm – Brittany and Tyler oversleep. They are meant to be meeting Tyler’s parents to drop off their son at this time.

12:30pm – Brittany and Tyler wake up.

1:00pm – They finally leave their house to go meet Tyler’s parents. They all
meet at Texas Roadhouse on Stringtown Road to have lunch

3:30pm – They leave their son with Tyler’s parents and are on their way to
Easton, stopping once at a gas station (Speedway off of 71) to get gas and a

4:58pm – Brittany and Tyler check in to their hotel room where they hang out and shower, preparing for the evening ahead.

6:30pm – Their friend Schon arrives to the hotel. Tyler gives one room key to
Schon in case they get separated during the night.

8:30pm – Tyler, Brittany, and their friend leave the hotel. They walk around
Easton Towne Center for a while and visit some stores.

9:20pm- They stop in at Bar Louie for a drink. Brittany has 2 drinks, Tyler has half of one, and they all have a shooter

10:18pm – They pay their tab at Bar Louie and went next door to Adobe and they all have a couple drinks.

11:30pm – The tab at Adobe is settled but they don’t leave straight away.

Sunday February 24, 2019

12:00am – The group leaves Adobe and walk back to the Hilton. Brittany suggests they go to the Dollhouse (a strip club) because she has never been to one.

12:30am – An Uber picks them up to take them to The Dollhouse

12:45am – They arrive at The Dollhouse. Tyler and Brittany talk to one of the
girls and buy her a drink while the friend is off doing his own thing.

They have 2-4 drinks (Brittany has Bahama Mamas, Tyler drinks Vodka or Tequila, and Schon has Captain Morgan and diet coke).

Tyler and Brittany go outside to smoke.

2:30am- Tyler and Schon argue with the bouncer about needing to leave. They are told to leave the premises but they argue that they are waiting for Brittany, who is in the bathroom.

When Brittany comes outside she says her phone is almost dead so Schon orders the Uber back to The Hilton.

They wait 20-30 minutes outside for the ride. A Dollhouse employee comes outside and offers them water.

3:00am -The Uber arrives. Schon sits in the front, Tyler behind the driver, and Brittany behind the friend. Both Tyler and Schon fall asleep durin gthe Uber journey.

3:18am – They all arrive at the hotel. Brittany wakes up the Schon first by
hitting him and then they woke up Tyler who wakes up “grumpy”. When they get Tyler out of the car he falls, and once he gets up he asks where their ride is going and says they need to get back to their hotel. Brittany describes him as “groggy, exhausted, and confused” and “aggravated, like he is mad they weren’t where they were supposed to be”.

Tyler takes off walking, Brittany follows him. Schon stops her and says “Hey, don’t worry about it. I’ll go get him. (Brittany asks if he is sure) Yeah, we will be back soon.” They went walking through the parking lot towards some condos.

Brittany goes upstairs to plug in her phone (it’s at 4%) and use the restroom.
She then goes back downstairs and the friend isn’t back with Tyler yet. She
tries to video chat Tyler over Facebook.

3:37am – Tyler calls Brittany. He apologizes and said that he is walking around the block smoking a cigarette and he will be right back. He explains that he was just pissed off and will see her in a few minutes.

After she gets off the phone with Tyler, Schon returns to the hotel. Brittany questions why Tyler isn’t with him. He says not to worry about it and that Tyler is just blowing off steam.

4:10am – Tyler is still not back at the hotel. He calls again. He says he is
walking through the woods and can see the hotel and that he will be there in 5 minutes.

4:11am -Brittany gets a call from Tyler again, but this time he says nothing
and it’s just an open line for about 4 seconds. When she calls him back it goes straight to voicemail. It’s assumed his phone is dead, since he said it was low on battery when they were leaving the last bar.

4:12am – Brittany and the friend walk opposite ways down the road to look for Tyler. At this point Brittany’s phone is almost dead again. Schon has had
enough and wants to leave. He argues with Brittany and leaves. Brittany goes to the room to charge her phone and call her close friend, Harlee, to explain what has happened.

4:15am – Security footage shows someone who looks like Tyler walking towards the hotel.  Further investigation shows that this person is actually Tyler’s friend, Schon.

5:00am – Brittany is still on the phone with Harlee and is walking around near the Hilton to try to find Tyler. Her phone is about to die again so she goes back to the hotel room to charge it.  She says she starts calling friends, jails and hospitals. She calls their good friend and old roommate, Adam, to come and help her look for Tyler.

10:30am -Brittany calls Tyler’s parents and Tyler’s dad leaves to help look for him.

11:15am Tyler’s mom calls and tells Brittany she needs to file a police report.

11:30am- Brittany calls 911 to report Tyler as missing

12:30pm – Police meet Brittany in the parking lot of the Hilton.

1:00pm – Tyler’s missing person report is entered into the system. Adam and
Brittany search around for Tyler and meet up with Tyler’s dad a couple time while he is searching too. No trace of Tyler is found.

5:00pm Adam tells Brittany she needs to go pick up her son and he takes her home.  Brittany leaves her car keys with the hotel in case Tyler returns.

Monday February 25, 2019

1:00am – Brittany returns to Easton.  She meets up with Alex, Nick (another friend of theirs), and two of Tyler’s employees and they start searching for Tyler. They spoke to the night manager at the Hilton, telling him about the situation, and showed him a picture of Tyler. He then said he would start pulling footage.  They walk down to Easton Security and let them know the situation and inform them about the search.

8:00am –They stop searching for Tyler

Tuesday February 26, 2019

Police start searching for Tyler. They pull security footage from the mall and request ping information from Tyler’s phone.  Dogs “hit” on a pond, and the area has now been searched multiple times with a dive team and sonar.

The search for Tyler

Columbus Police have admitted that they dropped the ball in the search for Tyler.  They initially believed he had ‘run off’ after a fight with Brittany.  This is why they waited days to search for him. Tyler has now been missing for almost 8 months and a new detective has been assigned to his case.Image result for tyler davis missing

In early October, Detective Jason Brammer held a press conference where they released new information about Tyler’s disappearance and the search for him.

Audio has been released, showing that Tyler asked his phone for directions back to the hotel.  “What it showed me was intent,” Brammer said. “It showed me that Tyler wasn’t trying to go sneak off and have a life somewhere else. That shows me, I want to get home.”

You can listen to the audio here.

Tyler’s family also believe that he was unaware that he was so lost – his google records show that he was watching videos and listening to music while trying to make his way back to the hotel.

This image shows Tyler’s final phone activity:

Police have now mapped out the route Davis took that night using digital forensics. His last known location was 3:53 a.m. near Stelzer Road and Morse Crossing.

This map shows the Detective pointing out the areas that have been thoroughly searched in red.  There are many other areas that are still yet to be searched.

This map shows the locations of pings from Tyler’s phone. 
So, what happened to Tyler?  Did he stumble into some of the swamp land surrounding the Hilton and he just hasn’t been found?

Could he have been hit by a car and the perpetrator is covering it up?  Or did he randomly come across an opportunistic killer?  It seems less and less likely as time goes on that Tyler went missing voluntarily.

Tyler Davis is described as being 5’10” tall and weighing 170 lbs. with brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a blue and green flannel shirt with blue jeans and black and white Nike shoes. Tyler has a birthmark on his right arm. If you have any information on the circumstances surrounding Tyler’s disappearance, please call the Columbus Police Department at 614-645-4545.

Image result for tyler davis missing

JANUARY 2020 UPDATE – A Columbus Police Department source has confirmed to True Crime Society that Brittany has taken a polygraph examination in relation to Tyler’s case. She passed the exam.


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