The Mysterious Disappearance of Prisma

4/17/19 – When 26 year old Prisma Denisse Peralta Rerez failed to pick up her son from the babysitter at 7:30pm, she was reported missing.

Prisma currently works as a paralegal and a member of the National Guard. 
She holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and Mexico, as he is originally from Veracruz, Mexico. 
Reyes father said it’s incredibly unlike her to disappear and that her son is her world .

Reyes has a son with an ex named Arturo, he lives around the Austin Tx area. The ex she had lunch with on the day of her disappearance is Ryan. Ryan lives at the apartments seen on surveillance. Reyes and Ryan were in the process of rekindleing their relationship. A relationship that, according to friends and family, ended in abuse.   Tark is another ex, we don’t know much about him..

April 17th

  • Prisma went to lunch with an abusive, newly rekindled ex boyfriend. An argument  occurred between then. The fight at the restaurant started with the ex’s overreaction to Prisma making a phone call outside. It was him who was jealous, not Prisma. He left.  
  • Reyes remained at the restaurant for about three hours until the bartender did stop serving her, and there was a just a slight disturbance in that regard. They asked her to leave, so she left.
  • An hour long call was made to the sitter,  reportedly sometime between 12pm and when she left the restaurant.  Family finds it strange because on average her phone calls too sitter lasted less than 10 minutes. The sitter states the conversation was simply Prisma letting her know she would be picking up her son at the normal time that day. She will no longer return calls to Prisma’s family.
  • Between 5:49 – 6:01pm – Reyes made 9 call on her cellphone. The second to last call was 3 minutes long, she called her ex four times before that call and once after. There were a total of four calls lasting no longer than one minute.
  • 7:30pm – Reyes did not arrive at the sitters home to pick up her son.
  • 9:30pm – Reyes was reported missing. – By her babysitter.
Prisma seen at a Dallas Apartment Complex

April 18th

  • Reyes jeep is found abandoned at the 3500 block of Roseland Avenue, near North Hall St.

May 24th

  • According to family – “Arturo (father of Prismas san) has filed for emergency custody of his son, he has never had anything to do with him, nor paid support but all of a sudden he wants his son since Prisma is no longer with us according to him

July 10th


  • Arturo has to skype 3 times a week, gets his son for part of summer, pay child support, if he does all this he will get him for Christmas vacation, along with talking with child phycologist to determine best interest of telling prismas son about her disappearance, after all this the judge will look at giving custody to the father, neither parties shall have alcohol or drugs around the child, so grandmother has custody for now

August 30th

  • New info and surveillance is released.


Information below was posted by Primas family via social media

~ 5:49, 5:54, 5:56,5:57 one for 1 min,5:57 one for 4 min, 5:58,5:59 one min, 6:00 three min and 6:01 pm for 1 min, although the calls may not have lasted this long as the phone company rounds them out to highest minute, 5 of those calls were her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend which is what her dad thought he still was, I am not sure about the 2 calls at 557 because that is what her phone records show

~ the second to last call (6:00) told Prismas mom that Prisma called him needing help, she was confused, didn’t feel right, something was not right with her, but this person was cleared to due being out of state. This is the elevator call.


A Dallas police report says three witnesses in another vehicle said a woman pointed a gun at them in the 100 block of N. Haskell Avenue just after 5 p.m.

The police don’t believe the road rage incident was related to her disappearance.
Her father found her gun in her jeep.


Olympus at Ross.

Her ex boyfriend does live at the Olympus, but he wasn’t home. The police confirmed that after the restaurant argument, he was in another city with friends. However, he did return later that evening.

A resident, who was in the elevator with her and got off on the second floor, saw her crying.
It’s not known on which floor she intended to exit- However, her father states she got off on the 5th floor.A witness sees her on top floor of parking garage of the apt building crying next to silver car with trunk open.

Prisma is never seen again.

A family member of Prisma went to the apartments and reported the following:

There are 3 cameras in the garage, one pointing at Prisma, one showing another elevator and one pointing at a short driveway for parking. The only entrance/exit is the one Prisma was shown on.

There are no cameras inside the apt complex in hallways, common areas or pool area, none outside the garage entrance. However it is a busy complex with people coming and going at mostlyall times.

Below is security info from the Complex website:


  • Elevator
  • Security System
  • Controlled Access
  • Doorman
  • Disability Access

Olympus at Ross, Apartments for Rentin Dallas, TX


Family still posts flyers and are working hard to keep Prismas name in the media, tracker dogs were brought in to the apartments she was last seen but no scent was found.

As of 9/2/19 no searches have been done for Prisma.

 Reyes is 5-foot-2 and weighs about 135 pounds. She was last seen wearing a red polo shirt and blue jeans. 

Anyone with information on Reyes’ whereabouts may call Mesquite police at 972-285-6336.


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  1. It doesn’t make much sense to tell someone trying to possibly help you to “leave you alone” then call someone, who is probably not within reach for help? I am not trying to judge, just trying find some logical understanding as I am sure everyone else is as well.

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